Bassist Emerges From Shadows

Friday night I decided to challenge myself with a different genre - concert photography. They say it's good to step out of your comfort zone. For me it was a pleasant distraction, from my usual landscape photography. Below is an image to demonstrate how post-processing can really change the look, feel and mood of a photograph. I envisioned this look and feel as soon as I saw the photo, then it was just moving the sliders in Lightroom to create my vision.


Gordon Fellis, The Crown Vics, The Grand Auditorium, Ellsworth, Maine


Version 1

Here's the shot straight from the camera. A typical shot, well lit with nice composition - but honestly nothing very special/dramatic.  


Version 2

All edits were done in Lightroom. I wouldn't really know how to improve the image with the Nik software - it would take just too long for me to figure it out. First I removed the microphone with the Spot Removal Tool. 


Version 3

Now turn everything dark, dark dark.  In Lighroom:

 - Increased Contrast (+50)
  - Dereased Blacks (-84)
  - Decreased Highlights (-12)
  - Decreased Shadows (-17)
  - Decreased Whites (-100)
  - Decreased Exposure (-0.85)


Version 4

Onto the skin tones for a more natural look. In Lightroom: 

 - Decreased Saturation (-47)
  - Increased Vibrance (+20)
  - Increased Clarity (+12)


Gordon Fellis, The Crown Vics, The Grand, Ellsworth, Maine

The finishing touches, in Lightroom:

 - Warmed up the bass with Brush Tool
  - Cloned out white dot near the elbow
  - Added a heavy Vignette


EXIF data: Nikon D800, 300mm, f/4, 1/200 sec, ISO 1600, 11/8/13, 8:48 PM