What is a safari:

Our safaris are hands-on nature photography workshops conducted in Acadia National Park and led by a team of local, professional photographers. We ensure individual instruction by limiting the group size to six guests. Our focus is to help you create amazing photographs by:

  1. Mastering your digital camera (off auto mode)

  2. Creating compelling compositions

  3. Developing a photographic vision


Who should attend:

From beginner and beyond, any photographer will have a great learning experience on our photo safaris. Visiting professional photographers will appreciate the time-saving site-scouting we've done at each location. Having lived on Mount Desert Island for years, we know where the best pictures are!


Is hiking involved:

There will be small hikes with many stops along the way. Expect to walk about one mile total. Please wear sturdy footwear, as we'll be on trails and crossing over rocks.

For our Sunset Cruise Safari there is no hiking, just enjoying a boat tour exploring and photographing the nearby islands and marine wildlife as the sun sets.


What are some of the topics covered:

Mastering your camera:

  • Camera settings: focus points, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation

  • Understand the relationship between F-stops and shutter speeds

  • Evaluating your histogram for proper exposure

  • Controlling depth-of-field – infinite vs shallow focus

Creating Engaging Compositions: 

  • Rule of thirds

  • Leading lines

  • Foregrounds and backgrounds

  • Changing your perspective

Developing Photographic Vision:

  • Working the subject

  • Framing the image before taking the shot

  • Reviewing and critiquing images on location

  • Looking behind you!

What Happens if I am the only person to sign-up:

There's a two person minimum to run a group safari. If you are the only one signed up, we'll either reschedule you to another safari, offer a full refund, or give you the option to pay for two people (think of it as a private safari at a lower price ;-). 


What is your Cancellation Policy:

We require a minimum of 48 hours to cancel your safari for a full refund, less a 10% booking fee. Please call us at 207-318-3402 to reschedule or cancel your safari. 'No Show' or 'Last Minute' cancellations will not be offered a refund.


  • Weather cancellations are determined at the start of the safari.

  • Please dress appropriately for predicted weather.

  • If the safari is canceled due to weather, we'll reschedule or offer a refund.

  • It's often said: "Bad weather makes good pictures."

Do you sell gift certificates:

We sure do, just click on the big green box below labeled 'Purchase Gift Certificate'.  They never expire.

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Our mission is to help you improve your photographic vision and craft through a hands-on experience in the natural environment. Oh yeah, and having fun too!  If you are not satisfied, let us know and we will refund your money. It's that simple.