Gentle Falls

Imagine my surprise when I was greeted by these very gentle falls. After raining for a number of days, I expected dramatic waterfalls. I starting with some wide shots favoring my 16-35mm lens, and then I moved in closer to the falls and honed into this composition. I snapped a few more shots in close to the falls having to clean the lens of stray water droplets in between shots. At this point, I thought I was all set with a composition and exposure until I looked closely at the LCD. I zoomed in at 100% and checked the edges - soft and blurry, I'd reached the limit of this lens. Fortunately, I packed my 24-70mm lens for the trip. Time to swap lenses, recompose, and reshoot the scene (continuing to wipe away water droplets). Did I mention this was late afternoon and the sun was setting causing a change in light conditions? Though I had to shoot it twice, I'm very pleased with the outcome. To learn how to create images like this, consider taking one of my nature photography workshops in Acadia National Park.

This image was processed in Nik: Silver Efex Pro 2 using the 'Wet Rocks' filter.

EXIF data: Nikon D800, 24-70mm @ 28mm, f/10, 3 secs, ISO 100, 12/26/14, 3:41 PM (sunset was 3:58)


Gentle Waterfalls, Acadia National Park, Maine