Appreciating Photographs

I had the opportunity to visit the Colby College Museum of Art in Waterville, Maine last weekend. Our group was allowed a rare treat to view and study some photographs in the museum's archived collection. They pulled out boxes filled with prints by: Margaret Bourke-White, Paul Caponigro, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, and Minor White. This was a special moment to study the master prints up close (without glass or frames)  and to immerse myself in their beauty. If given the chance to view master prints, run don't walk - seeing the print in a book or on a screen (website) never does justice to the actual print and all its tonality. Additionally, I spent some time visiting the various exhibits. This shot of a stairwell from the first floor to the ground floor was taken with my little Fujifilm camera. To learn how to create images like the one below, consider attending one of my nature photography workshops in Acadia National Park.

EXIF data: Fujifilm X100S, 23mm, f/8 (&B there ;-), 1/450 sec, ISO 400, 2/28/15, 11:08 AM

Colby College Museum Of Art, Waterville, Maine