Sargeant Drive's Swelling Stream

Teetering on the edge of the stream in my Birkenstocks, I was tossing my tripod in the middle of the stream and shooting with a remote shutter release cable. I couldn't look through the viewfinder or see the back of the camera to frame or review my image. After each shot, I would pull the tripod out, change the settings on the camera (shutter speed, aperture, focal length or angle) and then place the tripod back in the stream (hopefully in the same place) and shoot again. Rinse and repeat until I found a compelling image. Below is the last image captured - I like it.

Given the heavy rain from the previous day, the original plan was to photograph water running off the rocks adjacent Sargeant Drive on Mount Desert Island along Somes Sound. Thinking this was going to be a quick 15 minute shoot, I didn't dress for the cold weather. After an hour shooting the rock faces and waterfalls it was time to head home and warm up. I found a spot to pull over and turn around. Just as I was preparing to make a U-turn, I spotted this raging stream hidden behind some trees. I jumped out of the car and headed into the woods and discovered this swelling stream. To learn how to create images like this, consider taking one of my nature photography workshops in Acadia National Park.


Swelling Stream, Sergeant Drive, Northeast Harbor, Maine


EXIF data: Nikon D800, 24-70mm @ 28mm, f/8 (&B there), 1 sec, ISO 100, 4/8/14, 6:15 PM