Winter Harbor Lighthouse

We decided to cruise (go by boat) over to Schoodic this past weekend. I saw the puffy white clouds and lighthouse and started snapping away, while Brenda was piloting boat. I was saying: Get closer to the island (I really need a 300mm lens). I snapped this image thinking the whole time, "I'll just crop out the boat".  What a happy accident capturing the boat window. I love the reflection on the window. Below are my post-process steps.


Winter Harbor Lighthouse,  Schoodic Peninsula, Maine


Here's the raw image:


Winter Harbor Lighthouse, Schoodic Peninsula, ME

Winter Harbor Lighthouse, Schoodic Peninsula, ME

There were a bunch of steps, probably could have condense a few steps. I'm fighting a cold and my head's a bit fuzzy. Here's the crop in Lightroom, just a smidge off the top. I played with more off the top, but it didn't feel right. 

Winter Harbor Lighthouse, Schoodic Peninsula, ME

In Nik - Viveza, I gave the sky more blue and added some structure to the clouds. 

In Nik - Color Efex Pro, I added Tonal Contrast and a hint of Skylight Filter (4%). 

That 'tonal contrast' setting always makes the sensor dust pop.  You'll notice at least one spot in the upper right corner (take the intersection of the flag pole and where the boat leaves the frame).  So the last step was to clone out the sensor dust stops with Photoshop's content aware cloning tool.