Ocean Drive Safari  -  Acadia National Park Photo Tour

Maximum group size: 6 people
Follow our guide in your vehicle

Meets at:  Sand Beach - Island Explorer Bus Stop

Ocean Drive, hugging Maine’s rugged granite coastline, presents five miles of panoramic locations. From Sand Beach, we start the workshop by incorporating interesting foregrounds into the scene. Then we stop at many iconic sites including Monument Cove and Otter Cliffs. These ocean views allow us to discuss the ‘rule of thirds’ and use the surf/waves as leading lines in your photography.  We continually make suggestions by reviewing and critiquing your images, helping to improve your photographic techniques of exposure and composition. This safari will have you appreciating and photographing Acadia's beautiful, sweeping vistas. Learn how to compose stunning images, utilizing your camera's functionality.

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3 Hours


$89 per person

Otter Cliffs Fog, Acadia National Park, Maine

Beehive, Acadia National Park, Maine


"My husband and I signed up for the Ocean Drive photo safari. We were both very happy and so glad we did this. We have been taking pictures for years with our cameras and had no clue how all of the options worked. By changing just a few settings you can make your camera produce pictures you didn't know were possible. Howie was so patient and explained to each of us in the group how our different cameras worked and then we practiced taking pics to see how a few adjustments could change the outcome. A definite must while you are in the Bar Harbor area if you want to capture the beauty of your visit with pictures. So glad we did this on our first day." – Anne

"Howie has a gentle, patient presence setting everyone in the group at ease. In our small group we had a wide range of ability, from someone who knew absolutely nothing about using the sophisticated camera he had just been given to an expert photographer. Howie did his best to ensure that the needs of each person in the group was addressed. We learned about how the features of the camera can each be used to help capture the image, and we learned framing techniques to help compose beautiful photos. Another wonderful aspect of the trip was that Howie took us to beautiful spots for our photos. His years of experience helped us be successful." – Alyson P.



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