Howie at Door Point, Acadia National Park

Howie at Door Point, Acadia National Park

Howie Motenko

I have spent the past nine years photographing Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island. As a local resident and professional photographer, I share my intimate knowledge of Mount Desert Island and accomplished photographic skills on every safari.

Travel and landscape photography are in my blood. I've visited 6 continents (not Antarctica), 31 countries and 28 states. Back in the 'film days' I traveled with two camera bodies, one with color film and one with black and white film. I would swap lenses depending on the picture I wanted to capture. 

My workshops are infused with my passion for photography, my enthusiasm for learning and teaching, and a love of Acadia National Park to create a valuable experience for all Acadia Photo Safari participants. 

Read about my most recent photography project - Painting Bridges: uniting community with art.

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