Acadia National Park Photography Tours and Workshops

Join us for a hands-on nature photography workshop around Acadia National Park led by our team of local, professional photographers. By mastering camera settings, exploring engaging compositions, and developing a photographic awareness, we help you create amazing photos that capture Acadia’s natural beauty. All photographers from beginner and beyond are taught in small, intimate groups during our 3-hour photo tours. 



Ocean Drive Safari

Mornings • 3 Hours

Driving Tour

$85 per person

We will travel along Ocean Drive, with its rugged granite coastline and panoramic scenery. You will photograph Acadia’s sweeping vistas, capturing stunning images while exploring your camera’s functionality.

Jordan PonD Safari

Afternoons • 3 Hours

Walking Tour

$85 per person

We will explore Jordan Pond and carriage roads along Jordan Stream. Learn how to capture images of pond reflections, moving water, and woodsy paths. This natural environment inspires your creativity.

Sunset Cruise Safari

Evenings • 3 Hours

Boat Tour

$125 per person

Aboard our 28-foot 'lobster yacht', enjoy a Sunset Cruise to local islands investigating marine wildlife, fishing harbors, and a lighthouse with MDI as the backdrop. Join us to see Acadia from this unique perspective.



Night Sky Safari


Your Private Safari


Nights • 3½ Hours

Driving Tour

$85 per person


Available Anytime

On Land or Boat


Beginning at twilight, you will learn low-light photography. Acadia's dark Night Sky offers perfect conditions to capture the Milky Way and star trails. Expanded your photography using the blue hour and light painting too.


Your Private Safari is all about you: your date, your time, and your interests. Discover Acadia National Park at your pace. We will guide you to iconic locations and help you to create amazing photographs.



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